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    SHRI SAI INSTITUTE OF NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTING & INSPECTION SERVICES is a leading training institute for ASNT level I & level II . We offer a course which provides 100% job opportunities in India and abroad with attractive salary and high reputation.

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    WE offer courses on ASNT Level I and Level II in Radiographic Testing,Ultrasonic Testing,Visual Testing,Magnetic Particle Testing,Liquid Penetrant Testing,Radiographic Film Interpretation and also we provide Free courses on Welding Inspection & Training ,Quality Practice and Leak Testing

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    We offer Placement in Oil & Gas, Automobile, Aeronautical, Pre-Engineering, Shipbuilding,

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About Liquid Penetrant Testing

This is a method which can be employed for the detection of open-to-surface discontinuities in any industrial product which is made from a non-porous material. This method is widely used for testing of non-magnetic materials. In this method a liquid penetrant is applied to the surface of the product for a certain predetermined time, after which the excess penetrant is removed from the surface. The surface is then dried and a developer is applied to it. The penetrant which remains in the discontinuity is absorbed by the developer to indicate the presence as well as the location, size and nature of the discontinuity

(1) Post emulsifiable fluorescent dye penetrant.

(2) Solvent removable fluorescent dye penetrant.

(3) Water washable fluorescent dye penetrant.

(4) Post emulsifiable visible dye penetrant.

(5) Solvent removable visible dye penetrant.

(6) Water washable visible dye penetrant.